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Dr. Hornbrook is currently offering 2 courses sponsored by Utah Valley Dental Lab.

Functional Anterior Aesthetics Program - 40 CE Credits

Bring your patient of choice, and give them the smile of their dreams! This program occurs over two weekends, 4 weeks apart. Clinicians provide their own patient, and with the guidance of a clinical mentor, perform hands-on preparation and cementation of approximately 8-10 anterior all ceramic restorations.

For more information and to register for the program, click here!

Occlusion Demystified - 20 CE Credits

Do you have a system your whole team understands to diagnose, treat and present to patients based on occlusal disease? If not, this program is the answer for your dental practice. Consider it to be a 3 day investment in expertise, profitability, and peace of mind.

This course is ideal for those practicing real-world dentistry who desire to improve aesthetics, eliminate failures and predictably restore patients in ideal position.

Expand your proficiency today - register for the program here!

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    "Dr. David Hornbrook is that rare dentist who can do it, write about it, and teach it - all with excellence! His fast paced lecture covers the gamut of aesthetic, adhesive dentistry and is loaded with tips and tricks to boost any general practice. It did mine!"

    Ron Jackson, DDS

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