Functional Anterior Aesthetics Program

Functional Anterior Aesthetics

The goal of this program is to provide attendees with a unique hands-on, live-patient educational experience and the opportunity to explore various case scenarios. The combination of clinical, communication, marketing, and management skills addressed in this course will not only increase your enjoyment of dentistry, but will also promote a level of clinical success and confidence most dentists don't realize is possible.

Six-Day Live Patient Course

Bring your own patient and give them the smile of their dreams! This program occurs over two weekends, 4 weeks apart. Clinicians provide their own patient, and with the guidance of a clinical mentor, perform hands-on preparation and cementation of approximately 8-10 anterior all ceramic restorations.

You Will Learn:

  • The nuances of anterior smile design
  • A complete understanding of adhesive dentistry: new materials and techniques for success
  • Avoiding sensitivity and eliminating microleakage with bonded restorations
  • Case planning, both aesthetically and functionally, of anterior restorative dentistry
  • Preparation steps that follow a predictable and systematic approach
  • Understanding functionally why things work, while others fail
  • A series of easy to understand principles of how posterior dentition can affect long term anterior success
  • A thorough understanding of the new restorative materials and their applications
  • Veneer provisionalization that’s amazingly fast and aesthetic
  • Laboratory communication to ensure success
  • Cementation principles designed for predictable placement of multiple units
  • Creative marketing to attract the “aesthetic” patient
  • Case acceptance

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Tuition Fees and CE Credit Information

  • $5,995 per doctor + lab fee

A portion of tuition for Crown Council members is donated to Smiles for Life!

Participants will receive 36 CE credits.

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      "Dr. David Hornbrook is that rare dentist who can do it, write about it, and teach it - all with excellence! His fast paced lecture covers the gamut of aesthetic, adhesive dentistry and is loaded with tips and tricks to boost any general practice. It did mine!"

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